The Grand Canyon You Don’t Know

For many people, the Grand Canyon conjures images of spectacular vistas, but also reminders of crowded overlooks and lots of traffic. On this weekend escape, an expedition of eight people set out in four utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) and one Jeep for Arizona’s Bar 10 Ranch and the western reaches…

People all around the planet are forever in blue jeans, apologies to Neil Diamond.

The popular pants are work clothes, protest symbols, and even gala wear. There are some things you might not know about those blue jeans, however. Tighten your belt, and keep reading.

Blue Jeans in Black & White

The Double Arches

You know that nifty little double arch on the back pocket of Levis® jeans? It’s called arcuate (surprise!) stitching…

Asking the wrong question about reading instruction

America’s children are being short-changed when it comes to their reading instruction because a cabal of balanced literacy advocates is pushing an agenda that marginalizes instruction in phonics. Or so you may have you heard. In a recent article on page A1 of…

Thomas Wolsey

Professor of Literacy at The American University in Cairo & global wanderer

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